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LUNENBURG E. coli was found in the town's water supply after a Balenciaga Mens Bag Uk

Omega Seamaster Ladies Gold

The well in question is typically the "cleanest one" in town, he said, and like the rest of the wells in town, there is a protective barrier around it.

Omega Seamaster Ladies Gold

Omega Seamaster Ladies Gold

McNamara said the town regularly checks its wells, and in his 15 years as superintendent, it has never had one test positive for E. coli before.

E. coli is a fecal Balenciaga Giant 12 City Rose Gold

The well was immediately taken off line, and Water Department Superintendent Francis McNamara said it will not be put back on the system until the cause of the contamination is uncovered.

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Selectman Dave Matthews said the board was made aware of the situation via email on Wednesday. He said he has every confidence the matter is being handled appropriately.

Omega Seamaster Ladies Gold

He said that there are multiple reasons this could have happened, including a high water table bringing outside water closer to the well.

"We did full samples of the town and everything else passed. No new threat was detected," he said. "At this point, we have no idea how this could have gotten into the well. We have to investigate, and it has to stay off line until we can figure out why it was detected."

"When we test the water, we test the raw water. If there was something in the well, it's been cleared out already," he said. "Typically it's never found in a well, so that's why there was a big concern. The water is constantly chlorinated, and all the systems are now clear."

He said five more tests have been done since the initial positive screening, and all have turned up negative for E. coli. Residents do not have to boil water at this time, he said, and there is no threat to their drinking water.

McNamara said as soon as he got word from the lab testing all the samples about the E. coli threat, he contacted the DEP, which ordered more testing of the well's water.

indicator found in the intestines of warm blooded animals, including humans, livestock, poultry and wildlife. Those indicators are used to detect groundwater sources that may be susceptible to fecal contamination, which could contain harmful Balenciaga Backpack Price

´╗┐Lunenburg well gets positive E

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"It could be something as simple as a false sample," he said. "DEP made us do five additional samples and the results showed no bacteria. This well is out in the woods, and it's one of four in that area. There isn't much around it."

"We basically had to issue a statement saying it occurred because of Department of Environmental Protection regulations, but it's more of a formality than anything else," he said.

recent check of the six wells in town, but officials say safety has not been compromised.

Omega Seamaster Ladies Gold

According to information put out by the Water Department, well number one, off Lancaster Street, tested positive for the bacteria.

"I don't think anything in this town surprises me anymore," he said. "I know we have a good system. They do a good job running the system. I can tell you I wasn't surprised they handled it so quickly. They have a good history of good clean water so it looks like it's a rare problem."

McNamara said it could take months to find the cause. The well will not be operational until then.

viruses or bacteria.

"It's not as bad as it could have been, but the key thing here is Omega Seamaster Ladies Gold we had all the safeguards in place that limited exposure," he said.

Omega Seamaster Ladies Gold

Omega Seamaster Ladies Gold

Omega Seamaster Ladies Gold

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